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6 months ago

Dré Maso

Nov 20, 2020

The Skinny Cocktail

Low-Sugar Recipes Make a Healthier Splash

In addition to the alcohol—something maybe we all know—a big part of a hangover comes from all the sweetners you find in lots of cocktails.
Industry professionals whose work calls for entertaining or appearing at numerous social events don’t just have to deal with high alcohol consumption—they may also be more prone to diabetes, weight gain and the fatigue that comes from too much sugar in the diet.
Only a handful of websites post information on how many calories popular cocktails contain; we found one site that states how much sugar can be found in liqueurs. Some of our favorite bottles hide an astounding quantity. There are US restaurants that have started disclosing the calories found in menu items, including drinks.
You hear a lot about skinny cocktails these days. What started off as a novelty has become more of a standard with bartenders and consumers who are paying more attention to what goes into their pops. People have started to look into healthier—even medicinal—ingredients for mixed drinks, inspired by ancient, indigenous folk-remedies.
“Healthy highballs”—made with just a spirit and soda water—were all the rage on a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Cardamom seeds, licorice, star anise, Mexican cinnamon lend a sense of sweetness 

Alternative sugars are replacing white refined sugar, probably the least healthy sweetener there is. When possible, forward-thinking bartenders substitute agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, Stevia and numerous other alternatives.

Ingredients—like cinnamon, coriander seeds, licorice and vanilla—can also lend sweetness to what leaves the bar.

Stevia leaves and raw brown sugar: sweetness can come with a very different glycemic index