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2 weeks ago

Legendary Tequila Rock Stars Visit Casa Altos

The recent gathering of these expert tequila rock stars in Casa Altos was much more than an excuse to get together and catch up after so many years of friendship and camaraderie around the fascinating world of liquors. Read on and find out why.

A month ago, our good friend @julio.bermejo.718 , creator of the famous Tommy’s Margarita at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, organized the first Tequila Legends Tour through the most important tequila distilleries in Jalisco. Of course, the first stop was Altos’ distillery and Casa Altos. 

The all-star guests took the opportunity to learn the latest about what the best tequila makers in Mexico are doing at their distilleries, to taste the best tequilas and innovations, and to celebrate a life in the industry with Julio! 

Discover the firsthand account of this extraordinary experience.

Altos Tequila Distillery: The Experience

These legends are all relevant personalities that have contributed to the tequila industry in some way, becoming innate ambassadors of the category. 

The Altos tequila advocacy team, @dremasso, co-creator of Altos Tequila, and @megsmiller, spokesperson for Tahona Society, had the honor of hosting all of these tequila rock stars.

After taking a tour of the visitor center and admiring the rooms of Casa Altos, they visited the Altos distillery, where renowned master tequila maker Jesus Hernandez guided them through a tasting.

Afterwards, they shared a delicious barbecue in the agave fields, with the rhythm of the Arandas mariachis, while toasting with Altos Margaritas and Altos Handcrafted Palomas.

Salvatore Calabrese celebrating his birthday in agave fields.

Are you ready to see what these personalities had to say about their experience?

Tequila Legends in Action: Testimonials   

Salvatore Calabrese, The Maestro

“I felt at home.”

IG @cocktailmaestro


Bartender, author, speaker, consultant and vintage spirit expert.

CalabreseBarware @urbanbaruk @thedonovanbar @villaigieapalermo @acquabiancaliqueur

As one of the world’s leading bartenders, Salvatore Calabrese is an award-winning global powerhouse—a consultant of select brands, judge for worldwide competitions, and former president of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild.

The Maestro has created drinks now famous all over the globe, including his renowned Breakfast Martini. 

Francesco Lafranconi

“At the Altos distillery the past meets the future with innovation.”

IG @flafranconi @carverroadhospitality

A beverage concepts creator, Francesco works in synergy with culinary and design teams while establishing, implementing and promoting “The Carver Road Way” of hospitality culture. 

Jacopo Rosito

“We learned a lot. It was just fabulous.”

IG @jacopo_rosito 

Jacopo is director of operations at 54 Mint, Ristorante Italiano and Montesacro in San Francisco. 


Jake Burger

“Jesus Hernandez is a superstar.”

IG @jakefburger

Burger leads the Ginstitute gin experience and is on the creative side of Portobello Road gin. Join the story behind Jake Burger here

Jacques Bezuidenhout

“I’m so grateful for this wonderful tequila.”

IG @lovetequila

Jacques is an industry specialist at Liquid Productions, as well as a tequila ambassador and bartender in London and San Francisco. Discover here why Jacques Bezuidenhout was so grateful for his Altos tequila distillery experience.


Sean Finter


Sean helps bar and restaurant owners build profitable businesses, and live meaningful lives along the way. He is also coach at Bar Launch and Franklin House owner. 


Phil Bayly

“The whole experience being with Altos is next level.”

IG @philbayly

Phil is founder and Managing Director t Post Scoob Productions organizing Agave Love events. He is a visual artist with a passion for the agave and the maguey. 

His current project is Agave Love: a touring networking event about sharing the passion and knowledge of the agave spirits and culture of Mexico amongst growers, producers, bartenders, spirits professionals and enthusiasts. 


Check out the IGs of other tequila legends that shared this amazing experience at the Altos tequila distillery.

Peter Dorelli


Known as The Godfather of British Bartending, Peter wrote the famous Savoy Cocktail Book. He has been a member of the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild for over 30 years and was president from 1997-2004. Peter is currently education secretary and has been involved with running their training courses. He has won several cocktail competitions in the past. Discover the exciting story of Peter Dorelli here.

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Peter Dorelli describes himself as the last of the dinosaurs

Please be upstanding for the one, the only Mr Peter Dorelli!

Peter Dorelli is a true titan of bartending

Jon Anders


Jon is an experienced brand representative with a demonstrated history of working in the wine and spirits industry...and a tequila and mezcal apostle. 

Angus Winchester


Peripatetic bar and hospitality expert with a love of education on both sides of the bar, Angus focuses on drinks, drinkers and those that serve them. 

Dom Costa


Dom is a traveler, bartender, bar consultant, agave aficionado, writer, journalist, and rum lover.

Naren Young


Naren is a drinks writer, fussy drinker, spirits evangelist, accomplished home cook, wine lover, intrepid traveler, bartender, aperitivo geek and barfly. 

Ross Simon


Ross has three decades of experience in the beverage industry and has had the pleasure of mixing it up with the biggest names and brands in the cocktail world. He owns and operates two cocktail bars: @bitterandtwisted and @little_rituals_bar. He also produces Arizona Cocktail Weekend .

Eddie Heintz


Eddie is restaurant and wine professional in Napa Valley, California. He loves the hospitality industry, as well as coaching and mentoring employees to give a great guest experience. If you want to know more about Eddie, click here

Tony Abou-Ganim


Tony is the author of The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails and has just released his second book, Vodka Distilled: The Modern Mixologist on Vodka and Vodka Cocktails.

Michael Feil


Michael Feil is the general manager and chief operating officer of the iconic Jupiter Island Club, noted as one of the finest private clubs in America. He is also a nationally recognized expert in wine and spirits and has served for over 20 years as a judge in multiple, highly regarded industry related events.

Holly Graham


Holly is the author of Cocktails of Asia, managing editor of @drinkmagasia, academy chair at @50bestbars, educator at @tales_of_the_cocktail and a spirits and cocktails judge.

Nicola Riske


Nicola is an icon of whisky, a certified sherry wine educator, and an olive oil sommelier.