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The Henry Besant Scholarship

Honoring our co-founder and Altos Tequila co-creator Henry Besant

What is The Henry Besant Scholarship,

Our dear co-founder, the late Henry Ernest Bryden Besant (1972-2013), had a penchant for helping young people who were just beginning to work in the hospitality industry. 

We thought that establishing a fund to offer professional development opportunities to young people was the best way to honor Henry’s memory and his legacy in the bartending community.

The Scholarship

In 2018, we launched the Henry Besant Scholarship Program, which aims to fund the often-underappreciated bar staff, those at the beginning of their career.The candidates are nominated at the discretion of Altos Tequila’s global team of ambassadors. Proposed candidates should show promise behind the bar and be under the age of 24 to qualify for a $10,000 USD grant to help fund their bartending career.If you’d like to apply for The Henry Besant Scholarship, or know someone who should, please contact your local Pernod Ricard representative.

In 2020, we are proud to fund three young bartenders from around the world

Muhammad Lee Razali from Singapore is the recipient of the full Henry Besant Scholarship. Lee states he will be using the $10,000 USD to learn English and fund his WSET Diploma.

 China’s Tian Rachel Maotong has received a special $5,000 USD scholarship with which she will finance English studies in Shanghai. She also will be traveling to Mexico to learn about all things tequila.

 Logan Flatte, an American-come-Dane model-come-bartender has also received a special $5,000 USD scholarship, which he’s using for school tuition to finish his degree in Hospitality Management in Copenhagen.

Learning English was just the beginning 

In 2019, Adrián Lucky López from Mexico won the scholarship, which he used to move to the UK to study English. Apart from enrolling in school there, Lucky also was able to work at a bar and to meet many legends of the bartending world, making his experience even more life changing. Read more about his inspiring London experience on our blog “Bloody Good, Adrián!