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The Collective Spirit Competition 2020

We believe in you! Are you ready to win The Collective Spirit Competition? Together we make history.

We want to make your dream come true! That is why we are inviting you to propose your idea, campaign, or initiative designed to benefit bar staff, customers, the community, or the environment. All ideas are welcome, no matter how“crazy” they may sound. Upon winning, Altos will commit $50,000 USD towards training, publicity, and funding for your project.

The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Project is a global program that is pioneering change in the way brands support their communities. It’s a completely new approach to bartender competitions because it encourages you and our familia of bartenders around the world to make the industry more sustainable. This game changing project reflects the Altos policy of We Care – Our People, Our Planet, and is the next step in the Tahona Society’s mission to continually spread knowledge among our bartenders.

The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Project 2018 was truly a success. The tremendous amount of impact of this global bartender community competition was seen in the 110 sustainable projects that participated, 15 of which were selected to go to the final round in Guadalajara, Mexico on November 16. 

The event’s broad digital and media coverage generated a deep, authentic, and emotional engagement within the community. In addition, the team of judges who so carefully and impressively advised on and evaluated each project include: Kirén Miret, Executive Producer of Mexico’s Shark Tank; Valerie Kramis, Social Entrepreneurship Expert; Dre Masso, Co-Founder of Altos Tequila and Christophe Prat, Vice President of House of Tequila. 

Finally, the jury chose the Mind The Bar project, presented by Canadian bartenders Alex Black and Makenzie Chilton and winners of the $50,000 USD grant. Thanks to this initiative, created by and for the community, there are now two fully-funded, sustainable, and real projects —in Chicago and Vancouver—that attend to the mental health needs of our bartenders. The four pillars of Mind The Bar are: addiction, depression, harassment, and anxiety—the most immediate threats within the hospitality world.

Mind The Bar today 

MTB’s first move after winning was to officially register as a non-profit organization in the province of British Columbia. Doing so not only showcases the sincerity and ongoing commitment to the cause, but also holds us all accountable to the established standards of organizational practice. 

By late summer, MTB decided it was time to reveal what they had been working on for the previous eight months. A small industry event was planned to address questions and to launch the website MindTheBar.com, alongside various social media accounts.

The hashtag #LastCall was chosen as the centerpiece term of the launch and people within the community were offered a chance to participate by providing unique #LastCall images to post on their social media platform. 

The response far exceeded expectations as dozens of people reached out to offer their accounts and personal stories to support the cause, thousands engaged with the online posts, and news outlets quickly picked up the story of what Mind The Bar was. 

The support was amazing and MTB’s small, intimate, gathering turned into a launch event with over 150 industry professionals in attendance.

We invite you to visit www.mindthebar.com and check it out.

So…Do you want to be part of the Tahona Society Collective Spirit 2020?

  1. 1. Demonstrate that your initiative/idea/project is related directly to the bar world and benefits the people and/or the planet. 
  2. 2. Send either a Power Point Presentation or a Word document with both a summary and a complete description of the project. Feel free to attach photos, sketches, graphics, or short videos that more fully explain your idea. 
  3. 3. Participants must submit their proposed projects via the form at the Tahona Society Collective Spirit Project website.  
  4. 4. The participation categories are: 
  • • Bartender Welfare: Improve the working life and health of hospitality industry employees. 
  • • Social Engagement: Improve lives for those in the community around the bar, helping those in need, encouraging local creativity, etc. 
  • • Resources and Waste: Reduce consumption of energy and precious resources; reduce waste. 
  • • Environment: Protect animals and cultivate crops in a sustainable way, for the benefit of the bar and the environment as a whole. 
  1. 5. Check out the list of 19 participating countries below, as well as participation dates to be sure you are eligible. 
Participating countriesDate
CubaAugust 12 - 16
MexicoAugust 26th
PeruAugust 22 - 25
ItalySeptember 20 - 24
Baltics (Lithuania & Estonia)August 19 - 21
BelarusOctober 10 - 15
China (Shenzhen)September 2 - 6
SingaporeSeptember 7 - 9
Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov)October 14 - 17

6 .Contact Megs Miller, Global Tahona Society Ambassador: [email protected] or Jesús Hernández, House of Tequila Advocacy Coordinator [email protected]

Things you must know about Tahona Society Collective Spirit Project 2019. Are you ready for this? 

  1. 1. The Harvard Incubation Lab team will be your coaches and will choose the local finalists. All winners will receive professional coaching (from December until the Global Final) by a team of coaches from the prestigious Harvard Incubation Lab https://innovationlabs.harvard.edu/.
  2. 2. Each country winner will be announced on December 2019. Global Ambassadors will be at the finals and will be announcing each country’s winner, who will attend the Global Final in April 2020 in Mexico.
  3. 3. One person per project will attend the Global Final in Mexico.  In December 2019, the Global Judging Panel will present local winners from all participating markets. 
  4. 4. You’ll be given expert advice for your initiative. The Grand Final event includes a symposium where Global Inspirational Figures will help you refine your initiative.
  5. 5. Specialized judges will help you. Finalists and judges will have from December 2019 until March/April 2020 to modify their business plan, presentation skills, and financial expertise. The process will be carried out through digital interviews that will be scheduled by our team and will take into account our finalists’ busy lives.
  6. 6. Altos will continue to develop your program. In addition to the financial prize, the winner will have continuing access to Altos’ resources to train other bars who wish to join the project and to broadcast the cause among the Altos Familia around the world.
  7. 7. Altos will promote the best ideas. Altos will also use social media to promote all the best ideas, sharing them with the Altos Familia and the public.

Finally, if you think you have a good idea for a sustainable project that will make a difference, we want you to join us! Even if you don’t win the big prize, you will have the possibility to work with Shark Tank coaches from Harvard for free and get your project launch-ready. What are you waiting for? Come be part of the Tahona Society Collective Spirit 2020!