3 years ago

Alquímico & Altos Tequila: The Perfect Match to Prepare Sustainable Cocktails

Altos Tequila is the beloved protagonist of these two ‘star’ cocktails at Alquímico Bar in Cartagena. We’re delighted to share the recipes with you here and we are so happy to make the difference in our hospo industry.

Oaxaca Old Fashioned


  • 45 ml Tequila Altos Reposado
  • 15 ml mezcal
  • 7 ml agave syrup
  • 6 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 splash rosita de cacao* perfume
  • 1 orange wheel (garnish) 

*Rosita de cacao is a small flower that grows in Mexico. Despite its leading name, it is not related to the cocoa plant. The flower, once dried, takes on a slightly yellow color and an intense aroma. It was a favorite ingredient in Aztec chocolate drink preparations for centuries. Today, it’s used mostly in Oaxaca for a chocolate and corn drink called tejate. The complex floral aromas of rosita de cacao present notes of caramel, dried fruit, and candied fruit. 


Chill all of the ingredients with ice in a previously chilled old-fashioned glass. Perfume with the rosita de cacao and garnish with the orange wheel.

Tommy’s Margarita (Alquímico version)


  • 45 ml Tequila Altos Plata
  • 23 ml agave syrup
  • 15 ml lime zest
  • 1 splash mezcal 
  • 1 dried chile from the Alquímico farm (garnish)
  • rimmed with tortilla salt


Shake all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Serve, with ice, in an old-fashioned glass rimmed with tortilla salt. Garnish with the dried chili and perfume with a splash of mezcal.