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Siesta (Nap): Learn How to Sleep During the Day

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How to sleep during the day after a night shift? Follow these easy tips to develop the capacity and habit to sleep during the day, restoring yourself with a healthy deep sleep.

Members of the cat family are accustomed to having afternoon naps. But why do they have these sleep habits and why are naps part of their daily routine? 

Daytime Sleep

Cats sleep during the day because they are crepuscular animals. This term applies to those creatures, like cats, lions, tigers and leopards, that are active in twilight— at dusk and at dawn. 

That’s why they will spend much of the late morning and afternoon sleeping in a patch of sun and much of the evening and early morning running around their places. 

Energy conservation is the main reasons for felines’ long periods of sleep, which is where the term "cat nap" originates.

So, could we say that bartenders are crepuscular humans? Keep reading…

Close Your Eyes: All You Need Is Healthy Sleep 

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A power nap can help improve energy and productivity

In addition to deep sleep, cats can doze for brief moments, lasting anywhere from five to thirty minutes, but remain on high alert for predators or prey. 

We know that work pressure makes us think that we have to function all the time! Many bartenders have either sleep disorders or do not complete the hours of sleep recommended.   

It’s time to share a valuable secret: A power nap can help improve energy and productivity during your night shift.

Now that you have realized all that felines can teach us about sleep, check out these useful tips and organize your sleep schedule. 

Iconic bartenders, like Dré Masso, Co-creator of Altos tequila and current Global Brand Ambassador, and Simon Kistenfeger, Global Brand Ambassador of Altos tequila, will share with you some habits that have worked wonders for them!      

 The Siesta or the Power Nap: A Good Sleep Habit 

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The human body is actually designed to crave a rest sometime in the afternoon hours.

In 1993, at the age of 18, Dré Masso took a trip to the south of Spain and found himself working on a farm. 

A typical day started very early with a light breakfast and then continuous work until lunchtime when it was just too hot to continue. 

Often, lunch would consist of a huge feast and a couple of glasses of vino tinto. The family Dré stayed with respected the tradition of the Spanish siesta and he thought it was only polite to do the same.

“After a long lunch, I would make my way to either my bedroom or a hammock in the trees and close my eyes, often falling into deep sleep for a couple of hours.”

Dré Masso

Hora Sixta: The Secret Behind Hours of Sleep

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If you take a power nap, you will have more energy during night shifts

The word siesta comes from the Latin “hora sixta,” meaning the sixth hour. When counted from sunrise this roughly translates to having a rest in the middle of the day.

“You will wake up feeling revived! You will have more energy and will think more clearly! And your productivity during shifts will be greater! It also means that you can go out later”, Dré says.

The human body is actually designed to crave a rest sometime in the afternoon hours, due to circadian rhythms within the body telling it when it’s time for a rest.


Tips about How to Sleep During the Day for Night Shift

“These days I find it very different if I try to rest during the day. I have to make sure that I am in the ideal environment, exactly as I would be if I am sleeping at night.”

— Dré Masso, co-creator of altos tequila and current global brand ambassador
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Create a Cozy Environment.

Make sure where you take your naps is conducive to peaceful rest. Also practice letting go of negative thoughts so you feel less stressed.

If You Can, Take a Warm Bath.

In addition to relaxing your muscles, taking a warm bath will reduce fatigue and alleviate aches. Most importantly, it will calm anxiety and reduce stress.

The Room.

The room where you nap has to be pitch black. If it is too bright, then be sure to have something to cover your eyes.


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The Sound.

When it comes to sound, something similar applies. There either needs to be complete silence, which is hard to find, or be prepared to use ear plugs. Sometimes playing soothing sounds can help you sleep. There are also loads of helpful apps and playlists that you can try out!

Avoid Stimulations

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Avoid to take a nap too late

Make Sure Your Phone Is Turned Off

Remember to set an alarm so as to not worry. 

Take the Effort to Get as Comfortable as Possible.

Remove clothing and get your bed set up properly. 

Do Not Take a Nap Too Late.

A nap too late in the day may interfere with your night sleep.

Do the Power Nap During Your Energy Dip.

Normally, the afternoon, from 1 to 4pm, is ideal for napping.

“The ideal amount of time for your nap is 10 to 30 minutes. If you nap too long you might feel groggy. Waking up from deep sleep during the day might leave you feeling sleepy.”

— Simon Kistenfeger, global brand ambassador of altos tequila

Finally, Do Coffee Naps.

Immediately after your afternoon coffee, jump into bed and nap for 20 minutes. That is exactly the time caffeine takes to kick into our system! Relax and come back fully energized!