6 Reasons to Invite Your Colleagues to Be Part of the Tahona Society Community

Convincing your tequila-loving bartender friends to join the Tahona Society family is easier than you think.

The Importance of Being Part of a Global Bartender Community

Being part of a global bartender community such as Tahona Society allows tequila-loving bartenders to stay up to date with the latest industry trends, techniques, and innovations. Through networking and sharing experiences with peers worldwide, you can learn new skills and gain inspiration to improve your craft. This continuous learning process is essential for your professional growth and staying competitive in a constantly evolving field.

Valuable Opportunities for Career Advancement

Tahona Society provides valuable opportunities for career advancement. By connecting with professionals from different parts of the world, you and your colleagues can discover new job openings, mentorship programs, and educational resources that may not be available locally. 

This network can also lead to collaboration opportunities with renowned bars, our brands, and events, which helps bartenders expand their reach and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Moreover, the global bartender community fosters a sense of camaraderie and support among professionals. 

As bartenders, we often face similar challenges and obstacles regardless of our location, such as dealing with difficult customers, managing inventory, and balancing creativity with profitability. By sharing experiences and advice with colleagues, we can find solutions to common problems and feel less isolated in our profession.

Additionally, being part of a global bartender community, such as Tahona Society, enables us to explore diverse perspectives and cultural influences in mixology. In the case of agave spirits, Mexico offers its own unique ingredients, traditions, and drinking customs, which can enrich our knowledge and creativity. By engaging with colleagues from different backgrounds, we can gain a deeper understanding of global agave spirit culture and incorporate new flavors and techniques into our repertoire.

Furthermore, Tahona Society plays a vital role in promoting responsible alcohol consumption and professional ethics. By upholding industry standards and sharing best practices, we can help create safe and enjoyable drinking environments for patrons worldwide. Through initiatives such as responsible serving programs and advocacy campaigns, the community can raise awareness about important issues like welfare, wellness, and mental health. 

In sum, being part of Tahona Society offers numerous benefits, including professional development, networking opportunities, cultural enrichment, and advocacy for responsible alcohol consumption. By collaborating with our colleagues from around the world, we can elevate our skills, advance in our careers, and make meaningful contributions to the industry. As the hospitality sector continues to evolve, the importance of global collaboration and solidarity among bartenders cannot be overstated! 

And more importantly, you’ll be able to participate in the 2025 Tahona Society Competition to win a grant of $50,000 USD to fund your sustainable project and make it a reality. You just need to be an active bartender, and Altos needs to be present in your market.

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In the following video, Dré Masso, Co-creator and Global Ambassador of Altos Tequila, explains all the benefits of becoming a member of the Tahona Society family: