What you will need to win?

Competition Rules

Rule 01

Demonstrate that your initiative/idea/project is related directly to the bar world and benefits the people and/or the planet.

Rule 02

Send either a Power Point Presentation or a Word document with both a summary and a complete description of the project. Feel free to attach photos, sketches, graphics, or short videos that more fully explain your idea.

Rule 03

Participants must submit their proposed projects via the form at the Tahona Society Collective Spirit Project website.

Rule 04

The participation categories are:
• Bartender Welfare: Improve the working life and health of hospitality industry employees.
• Social Engagement: Improve lives for those in the community around the bar, helping those in need, encouraging local creativity, etc.
• Resources and Waste: Reduce consumption of energy and precious resources; reduce waste.
• Environment: Protect animals and cultivate crops in a sustainable way, for the benefit of the bar and the environment as a whole.

Rule 05

Contact Megs Miller, Global Tahona Society Ambassador; or Jesús Hernández, House of Tequila Advocacy Coordinator.

Rule 06

Check out the list of 19 participating countries, as well as participation dates to be sure you are eligible.

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