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9 Cocktails Bars (& Mezcal Spots) in Oaxaca

In order to talk about an experience, you have to live it in all of its splendor! And who better than Simon Kistenfeger, Global Brand Ambassador of Altos, to share his exquisite selection with us?

What’s fascinating about the city of Oaxaca de Juárez is that while you walk along its cobblestone streets, ideally after enjoying a tlayuda at the Mercado Benito Juárez, you will always find an unforgettable Mexican spirits experience.

Vintage bars nestled into charming corners are waiting to welcome you with artisanal mezcal tastings, the perfect way to train your taste buds and add enriching aromas and flavors to your sensory library. 

You may be surprised to find truly avant-garde temples dedicated to mixology. Allow yourself to be seduced by their aesthetic, attention to detail and menus inspired by the protagonists of Oaxacan nights: Mexican spirits.

Each of Simon’s nine selected locales will give you an unforgettable experience. Take notes for the next time you visit this amazing city!

1. Sabina Sabe

IG: sabinasabeoaxaca 

FB: SabinaSabeOaxaca 

Contact: [email protected]

This is, definitively, my favorite place in Oaxaca! They have incredible service and an ideal atmosphere. The team knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to cocktails.

Enjoy their grand selection of mezcal and other Mexican spirits. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the different Del Maguey Mezcal options, so don’t miss out on a full tasting!

You have to try a Pequeño Gigante, which combines hoja santa (a common local plant with a very special flavor and scent), cucumber and ginger beer with a base of espadín mezcal. 

2. Selva 

IG: selvaoaxaca 

FB: selvaoaxaca 

Reservations: +52 951 501 1184

Online menu: http://menuonline.in/selva/

The decor of this cocktail bar will make your jaw drop. The Mezcal Negroni is a must, but if you are really curious, try their pulque—something most foreigners probably have never tried in their life. Theirs is delicious! They have a nice selection of cocktails of course, and you can try the Oaxaca Gimlet, made with an incredible gin from the Yucatán and citrus fruits. But if you are in Oaxaca, my belief is you should immerse yourself in local things. This is a great spot for an aperitif before dinner at the adjoining Los Danzantes Restaurant.

You will find la Boutique de Del Maguey in the same building, a casual spot where you can buy your favorite mezcal.

3. Puro Burro Comilona y Mezcalería  

IG: puro.burro.oax 

FB: Puro-Burro-Oax

Reservations: +52 951 516 4619  

With a lovely rooftop and good bar food, Puro Burro offers a nice selection of agave spirits and an energetic vibe. It’s also your best opportunity to try Raicilla and other unusual Mexican spirits. You’ll want to stop here every time you visit Oaxaca. 

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4. Mezcalogía

IG: mezcalogiaoficial 

FB: MezcalogiaOficial 

Reservations: +52 9515140115

This is not just a cocktail bar, it’s also a cultural space and a great spot for an authentic artisanal beer and mezcal pairing experience, difficult to find anywhere else in Oaxaca, or the world!

5. Tres Hermanas 

IG: treshermanas_oax 

FB: TresHermanasOaxaca

This modern take on a mezcalería has super knowledgeable bartenders who guide you in selecting different agave types. Their cocktails look fantastic as well, but I cannot judge since I was sticking to mezcal. Speaking of mezcal, be sure to try the jabali mezcal—its pricey but worth it. (Lucky for me the bartender offered mine for free, which might not be the case for others, hahaha.)

6. Mezcalería Los Amantes

IG: mezcalosamantes 

FB: Mezcaleria-Los-Amantes-Oaxaca 

Reservations: +52 951 501 0687 

This old school mezcalería offers tastings of more than 200 different types of mezcals, accompanied with live music. Small and authentic, it is considered to be the biggest mezcalería in the world.

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7. El Destilado

Teléfono: +52 951 516 2226 

FB: eldestilado 

IG: eldestilado 

Web Page: http://www.eldestilado.com/

For me, El Destilado has the most beautiful rooftop, called “El Techo.” Another must-visit in Oaxaca, it is the perfect spot to sip mezcal while enjoying the view of the city.

8. La Mezcaloteca

FB: mezcaloteca 

IG: mezcaloteca  

Web Page: https://www.mezcaloteca.com/

Contacto: [email protected] 

La Mezcaloteca is the most famous place to visit and the best place for a mezcal tasting, where you learn from the experts about traditional distilled agave beverages. Reserve your experience in advance. 

9. La Mezcalerita

FB: lamezcalerita

IG: lamezcaleritaoax 

You are sure to find lots of Mexican craft beers and artisanal agave spirits at La Mezcalerita. Try their Margarita de chapulines… if you are brave enough! I recommend arriving early since the place fills up quickly. 

So now you know: Oaxaca de Juárez is the mezcal mecca. Every bartender should visit this city at least once in their life. We are sure that just like Simon, this modern mixology scene will surprise you.