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Meet Logan Flatte: One of the Recipients of the Henry Besant Scholarship!

Originally from the United States, he's one of the winners of $5,000 USD, along with Tian Maotong from China.

This summer, Logan will finish his studies in Hospitality and Tourism Management at CPH Business Academy in Copenhagen.

For the past two years, the Henry Besant scholarship has been an ideal way to honor the memory of one of Altos’ co-creators whose legacy in known throughout the bartending industry.  

For Logan, the scholarship was simple to apply for; however, creating a video and sharing his story is always difficult on some level. But since Logan loves being creative, he jumps at any chance he gets to exercise his creative genius!

He highly encourages people to apply for the Henry Besant Scholarship as it has permitted him to continue towards his desired goal.

Logan’s story

  • Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a town that did not have a robust cocktail culture. 
  • Logan finished high school and began his adventures in the world of hospitality.
  • At the beginning, he worked as a model in New York City.
  • He returned to his first job in the industry as a server in a restaurant, and it was a good fit for him.
  • In Brooklyn, he got his first job in a cocktail bar.
  • Two years later, he applied to CPH Business Academy @cphbusiness to study Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management in Copenhagen.
  • At the CPH Business Academy, he started learning marketing, entrepreneurship, business management and business relations. The program is designed to prepare students with the tools necessary to help navigate and excel in the service industry.
  • He began to work at Paloma Vermuteria @palomacph, which allowed him to save enough money to pay for the first semesters of his degree. 
  • In Paloma Vermuteria he met his great mentor, Carl Wrangel, who has been pushing him to improve his technique and expand his knowledge of cocktails and spirits.

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5 Illustrious Phrases from a True Fighter

Some interesting tidbits…

  1. Logan loves all things spirits! His guiding principle has been to always say yes to something new. Whether it involves an experience or a spirit, he always wants to give it a try.
  2. He’s a relaxed guy that loves reading and taking walks through the city. 
  3. He has a strong belief in positivity and that things work out best without planning. 
  4. Logan daydreams of owning his own bar one day, and believes it to be a natural progression.

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