3 years ago

A Legend 40 Years in the Making

This is a tribute to our dear Jesús Hernández, Maestro Tequilero of Olmeca Altos tequila, in celebration of his career. He is the man who changed de course of the tequila industry in Los Altos de Jalisco.

Jesús is a legend, a gentleman, down-to-earth, fair, responsible and whole. He is committed and has great character, well-known for his ability to learn quickly and take on new challenges.

Henry Besant, one of his fellow Altos “dream team” members, along with Dre Masso, described Jesús with these warm words:

“Jesús is a true master, both as a distiller and as a man. He’s deeply rooted in the culture of the highlands and understands the sensitivities of the area, the people and the spirit called tequila.”

Below is a timeline highlighting the history and growth of the four-decade journey of the great man behind Altos tequila:

Bonus Track

We have prepared a surprise for all of Jesus’ fans who want to know all the details behind his contribution to tequila culture. Don’t miss this incredible interview with him at Casa Altos by Dre Masso, Co-creator of Altos.