3 years ago

Henry Besant Scholarship winners

The Henry Besant Scholarship, named after the late Altos Tequila co-founder, is open to bartenders from legal age for drinking and under the age of 25, who are at the beginning of their career.

Suitable candidates must show creative flair and have a passion for the industry, be able to demonstrate how they intend to use the funding, and be passionate about sustainability, social responsibility and bartender welfare – in line with Altos Tequila’s ethos, the main objective for us is to support young, emerging bartenders in their hospitality and bartending careers.

 Everyone remembers Adrián, right, the charismatic and promising young bartender from Mexico who moved to London to study English in 2019, thanks to his Henry Besant Scholarship?  Well, it’s now the moment we have all been waiting for…announcing the new Altos’ award winners!  

Responding to this year’s unusual circumstances, due to COVID-19, Altos decided to add a twist to The Henry Besant Scholarship 2020 by having three winners!  These rising bartenders will receive up to $10,000 USD in financial assistance to help further their career development, and will become Altos Tequila Global Ambassadors— attending seminars and master classes across the globe to learn alternative and exciting bar practices and expand their professional network and industry knowledge. 

And the winners are: 

1st place, Muhammad “Lee” Razali from Singapore is the recipient of the full Henry Besant Scholarship. Lee states he will be using the $10,000 USD to learn English and fund his WSET Diploma.

 2nd place, Tian “Rachel” Maotong from China has received a $5,000 USD scholarship with which she will finance English studies in Shanghai. She also will be traveling to Mexico to learn all about tequila.

3rd place, Logan Flatte, an American-come-Dane model-come-bartender, has also received a special $5,000 USD scholarship, which he’s using for school tuition to finish his degree in Hospitality Management in Copenhagen.

If you’d like to apply for The Henry Besant Scholarship, or know someone who should, please contact your local Pernod Ricard representative or you can contact Megs Miller (megsmiller) or Cristina Robles (ladytequila_) for more information.