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Interview with Christine Wiseman, Winner of Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award 2023 : “I work really hard to stay true to myself”

Christine Wiseman  @dramawise, Bar Lab Hospitality’s Global Beverage Director @barlabhospitality (The Broken Shaker)), has won the most prestigious award in the bar world — awarded by a vote among colleagues and head bartenders from venues included on this year’s list of North America’s 50 Best Bars.

What professional achievements helped you win the Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award 2023? 

This past year I have opened 12 different outlets. It has been a long year, but a very rewarding one.

What were the “hard and soft skills” that helped you win this award?

 At the end of the day, I treat people how I want to be treated. Also, I have started to set strong boundaries with my personal time. You can’t do everything and be great at your job and maintain strong mental awareness.

“Be kind to everyone. You never know how a person may impact your life! Next, if you are new to the industry: education, education, education. Finally, find the place that makes you happy and that allows you to be yourself; don’t conform to where you think you should be. Those are my tips for building networking in the hospo industry.”
Christine Wiseman

 Why is winning the 50 Best Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award important to you?

 This award is the only one voted on by peers, which makes it that much more special. I work really hard to stay true to myself and be the best version of myself. For other people to recognize that is such an honor.

What words can you offer to motivate future generations within the hospitality industry to prepare to contribute in areas such as sustainability and social Impact? 

Every little thing and effort counts; a bucket is filled drop by drop. Do your part, be a good person and that will spread to those around you. 

What are your professional plans after winning the award? 

I have no idea yet! Some days I have to remind myself that I won and it’s not just a dream! I hope that I can now mentor and teach even more people!