2 years ago

On Your Feet for Long Periods of Time?  

Our job as bartenders has us on our feet for long stretches of time. This can lead to health problems over time–especially on our feet.

We want to give you some useful and valuable tools that will allow you to relax, exercise and care for this important area of your body. 

As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Being on your feet is a large muscular effort

  • Although it is natural to stand upright for humans, being positioned vertically for long hours requires a pretty significant muscular effort: your legs, back and neck get tense, you can get cramping, your veins can get inflamed, your joints can hurt, and your tendons and ligaments can be seriously affected.

  • If you need to be on your feet and be still, we recommend shifting the weight of your body from one foot to the other: this will help you to discharge tension in the lumbar zone and in your legs.

  • It’s important to take breaks: have a chair nearby, preferably an adjustable one. Do stretches that relax you and try doing them in positions other than standing. If you have the space to try some of these yoga stretches, go for it!
  • Wood or rubber flooring behind the bar are best. The harder the floor, the more they will cause fatigue to your feet. There are also ergonomic rugs and mats you can use. Say no to pavement! 

  • Of course the type of shoes you wear are super important to avoiding fatigue. We know you might love your Dr. Martens boots or your favorite sneakers, but you definitely need a shoe that is: light, flexible, no-slip, breathable, that grips your heel, and fits well– not too loose, not too tight. You can also find anatomical sole inserts that are ideal for cushioning your step.

Watch out for plantar fasciitis

The plantar fascia is the thick band of tissue running along the bottom of your foot. This ligament connects your heel to your toes and it won’t stretch. When pushed too hard, it can become inflamed and painful. So do those preventative foot stretches and exercises! 

As we said before, prevention is key!

We share some exercises and stretches you can do while behind the bar and also when you are taking a break. 

Check out this video and make your foot, a priority for you and your team!