2 years ago

The New Bartender Skills in Demand for the Hospitality Industry

By Megs Miller @megsmiller 

Tahona Society Brand Ambassador

Megs Miller

When we asked the question: What bartender skills is the hospitality industry looking for right now? The first response we got is simple: PEOPLE! 

When bars and restaurants closed during the pandemic, many hospitality staff had to look elsewhere for work, polishing skills for different industries, and leaving a vacuum in the now recovering hospitality venues.

Bar with a lot of people

As the world opens back up and the money starts rolling through the doors again, venues simply do not have the necessary staff, and the ones they have are often overworked and/or not 100% ready for this new level of busy. Even the world’s top bars are looking for people!

With this in mind, there is quicker forgiveness now when going out. Many clients don’t overly question someone’s knowledge or bill time like they used to.  

Staff training and speed of service are not the most important things right now.  It’s more about being able to open your venue and do the best with what you’ve got!

Bartender serving tequila cocktails

Multifaceted Bars and Restaurants

Because of the pandemic, the industry as a whole has had to acquire an array of new skills. Bars and restaurant are now multifaceted, and I believe that they will continue to grow this way all around the world. 

We are talking about continuing to develop and shape cocktail delivery, bar merchandising, tastings and masterclasses online, and DIY or “How to” home kits.

Altos Tequila bottles at the bar

Successful cases around the world

1. Shop Cuvee Project

By Three Sheets Bar @threesheetslondon

Shop Cuvee Project


2. Bar to Farm Project

By Alquímico @alquimicocartagena 

Bar to Farm Project

3. Merchandising from Two Schmucks @two.schmucks

Merchandising from Two Smucks

The social media presence of Two Schmucks is very impressive. If you haven’t already, take a look of their Instagram posts.

They began creating merchandise to sell during the pandemic and sold out worldwide every time they created something new. They are loved around the world!

Also, when Spain said that only outdoor spaces could re-open, Two Schmucks couldn’t. So, they opened a whole new bar and now have two! It was great watching them flourish throughout the pandemic.  

5 New Skills That Would Be Appreciated by a Potential New Employer

1. Bringing advocacy to the bar. How can you simultaneously add value to the business and to the customer? If you don’t know what advocacy is, definitely check this out: 

Enjoying an Altos Tequila bar in a van

2. Come to the table with creative ideas.

Your ideas matter

3. Ask yourself how can you elevate a home cocktail kit. 

Bartender professional kit

4. A cool piece of merchandise. What’s a cool piece of merchandise that you would like to see a venue create?

Altos Tequila merchandising

5. Think about new exciting ways of educating the consumer.

Educating about tasting tequila

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