1 year ago

The Paloma Cocktail Deserves its own Day!

As National Paloma day approaches I ask myself the question Does The Paloma cocktail deserve its own day of celebration like National Margarita day, International Martini day, cocktail day and bartender day? The answer is...

By Dré Masso*


*Co-Creator and Global Ambassador of Altos Tequila

 In my opinion the answer is yes! The Paloma cocktail deserve its own day! 

From my experience its feels as though the Paloma has been the fastest growing cocktail in the past ten years. 

I have seen it’s presence on cocktail menus all over the world and if you are lucky enough to visit Mexico you are far more likely to imbibe a Paloma over the Margarita cocktail. 

From the drink’s humble beginnings in the 1950’s when it launched as a simple combination of Tequila and grapefruit soda to the modern crafted versions using fresh, local, seasonal and superior ingredients, it’s combination of flavours make it one of the most refreshing libations on the planet.

 It’s as if tequila, grapefruit, lime, salt, soda and fizzy water were made for each other. There is something utterly luscious and delicious about this tipple.

When we host visitors at the Altos distillery we always welcome our guests with our vey own version of the Paloma, switching the citrus and adding pink peppercorns to the salt rim and sometimes adding a bouquet of fresh basil leaves to boost aromas.

 Its what I call a crowd pleaser and glasses are guaranteed to return completely empty, without a drop of cocktail in sight.

I have sampled so many different versions of the Paloma, where a slight alteration or addition of ingredients has given the drink a whole new lease of life and that for me is what cocktail creation is all about.

Rarely is something totally new and unique born, without some kind of inspiration. Pretty much every new cocktail is a reinvention of something we have seen and tasted before.

 If your cocktail creative juices have dried up, take a look at a drink from the past and challenge yourself to turn the recipe inside out and upside down until you have come up with something new. 

Often we use the term “instagramable” when referencing drinks that stand out from the crowd. So, ask yourself how could you improve the recipe? What can make it stand out and be memorable?