3 years ago

The Palomary: National Paloma Day!

This May 22 is Paloma Day. Let’s learn some fun facts about one of the most famous Mexican classics, and see what tips that the creator of the Crafted Paloma has for you.


Don Javier Delgado Corona, the owner of La Capilla, one of most famous cantinas in the town of Tequila, created a tequila cocktail named La Batanga but clarifies that he did not create the Paloma. 


For the Crafted Paloma, we asked former Altos Brand Ambassador-Mexico, Rodrigo García, to find inspiration in this classic cocktail but reimagine it to reflect the hand-crafted spirit of the Altos production process. His is a modern twist on the classic, embracing our premium spirit with fresh ingredients.

“From de start I was very sure that I didn’t want to play by the rules: I had the vile idea of making our beloved Paloma’s more known cousin -the Margarita- jealous! And so, the journey began…!

Rodrigo García, creator of Altos crafted paloma


Our Crafted Paloma is called such because we use fresh grapefruit juice instead of grapefruit soda. 


Some say it got its name, Paloma, after a popular Mexican folk song from the early 1860’s. Its exact origin, however, is unknown


  • The Crafted Paloma celebrates modern Mexico by reinterpreting the classic Mexican cocktail. 
  • The Paloma is the Margarita’s favorite cousin
  • The Paloma has become the beloved standard of tequila-based drinks around the world. 

The original Paloma recipe includes grapefruit soda, like Jarritos* or Squirt, mixed with plata tequila, limes and a pinch of salt. 

      *Jarritos is most often mentioned in published recipes. Squirt is also popular.
  • The Washington Post reported that, “The Paloma is even more popular than the Margarita in Mexico.” 
  • Talking about tequila consumption40% of it in Mexico goes into Paloma cocktails!

Bonus Track 

Six Tips for Preparing the Perfect Altos Crafted Paloma, by Rodrigo García, Creator of the Altos Crafted Paloma 

  1. Let’s talk about the rim. Use a 1:1 mix of pink ground pepper (not pulverized) and flaky sea salt. 
  1. Change the fresh lime juice – from the classic Paloma – for lemon juice. Also add agave syrup. 
  1.  The point is to mix well and taste it: it should be balanced. If the Paloma is too sweet, add some lemon and vice versa. 
  1. Add Altos Plata (2 oz) to the mixing glass and just enough ice to chill…but not too much. 
  1. 2 oz of fresh pink grapefruit juice is key. And then mix it, being careful not to overmix. We don’t want to dilute the flavor! 

Final tip: My Altos Crafted Paloma version has bubbles! I use a top-up of soda. Then, garnish with a slice of grapefruit and a basil sprig. Why? Because it makes the floral notes of the grapefruit shine intensely.