3 years ago

The latest from the The Collective Spirit Competition 2021

Your entrepreneurship dream is around the corner. Learn about the changes and learnings from the pandemic, as well as some new tools we have created for you.

We thought we would not be saying this, but…The Collective Spirit Competition (TCSC) is preparing for the grand finals in early December 2021 in Guadalajara! Also, all contestants will visit the Altos Tequila distillery and new visitor center.

Last year, we were excitedly planning every detail for our shared celebration, when the pandemic hit, and with it, the cancellation of our finals.

These 12 months were not in vain, however, no matter how many lockdowns. 

We know that many participants lost their loved ones, lost jobs, and encountered health problems, emotional crisis, and economic limitations; and some saw their projects in TCSC, where they leaned-in to their projects. 

And so for many, these projects became their new jobs and they focused day by day, on this unique opportunity amid the difficult context of the pandemic.

Indeed, the pandemic highlighted the energy and bravery that contestants have always brought to TCSC competition.

We want to inspire you to refresh and reclaim that energy!

Step up to the challenges, overcome the obstacles, innovate, and go against the grain! If you rise to the challenge of believing in yourself you must click here.

The evolution of TSC

From a cocktails competition, to inspiring sustainable bar project, we have become a life project for each participant…

From 2018, the objective of CSC has been to support bartenders in their career development and reinforce Altos commitment to sustainability, by contributing to a better bar culture.

Let’s remember what a pioneering initiative it was, as the first of its kind in the bartender community. 

Through TCSC and our global ambassadors, we will now be inspiring bartenders around the world by sharing sustainable business stories of people making a difference in the hospitality industry. 

Today, TCSC wants to become a life project that inspires you and supports you in acquiring specific skills to help you make that idea that lives in your head, a socially impactful reality.

We are in Search of the 2021 Altos Paloma! Share your proposal recipe! Click here for more details!

The next step

To evolve into an integrated platform where we support your most competitive skills. We want you to see CSC not as “another contest” or “a business that you can start”, but rather your life’s work, that inspires you and provides you with all the necessary skills to start your own bar, or social impact initiative.

What’s new?

Surely you have asked yourself how to actually start and run your own business.

We have good news for you. During the second half of the year, we will share content to support you in your entrepreneurship! 

Valerie Kramis, graduated from Harvard Innovation Lab, and member of Agenda 28, along with TCSC, will create high-quality content to help you shed your fears about starting a business, as well as learn the basics about design thinking, startups, and social impact, all created specifically for CSC. Soon we will announce how and when you can sign-up. 

Beginning with the July newsletter, Valerie will share meaty content about the methodology, providing you with the tools to put the wheels of your dream project in motion. 

Now that you know about the TCSC entrepreneurship opportunities, we’ll leave you with this thought:

“Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein