4 years ago

When You Rise to the Challenge of Believing in Yourself

Step up to the challenges, overcome the obstacles, innovate, and go against the grain! Take a chance on your own sustainable project, and most importantly, believe in it—even if others say that you won’t make it. 

Illustrations by Emmanuel Peña

We want to motivate and inspire you to finally give that sustainable project you have had in mind a chance. Why? There are so many successful projects around the world that have proven, time and again, that even the craziest and most unlikely dreams are possible if you believe in yourself and your business. The first step is to stop listening to those who say you are going to fail trying!

Seven years ago, Bosco Quinzaños chose to innovate and go against the rules. He started gathering, purifying, bottling, and selling rainwater in Mexico City. This is how Casa del Agua was born, a 100% sustainable project focused on offering the best quality purified water. 

Bosco shares nine pieces of advice for starting your own sustainable enterprise:

1.“Don’t listen to those who tell you that you aren’t going to make it, or those who give you reasons to not do your project.” People will always question, criticize, challenge, and fill you with reasons not to move forward. Persevere—be strong and steady. We are sure that you will make it if you can tune those voices out!

2.“Stick to your dreams, as incredible as they may seem.” Remember that those who have changed the world have been called crazy, idealist, and dreamers. Most of them, however, persisted, challenged the rules, and changed the world. 

3.“If you want to innovate, you have to take risks.”  You can even challenge established models and paradigms as long as you figure out how to make your business viable. 

4.“Believe in yourself, your ideals, and your project.” The confidence you have in yourself is the motor that will drive you towards success. Defend your beliefs with passion and solid arguments. 

 5.“Focus on always developing and offering the best quality product, service, or experience.” The greatest investment for your business should always be based on improving the standards of quality. 

6.“If you are going to do it, do it well.” Do the research, read, find similar projects, and do some benchmarking. Find out about relevant legislation, get advice from the pros and those who know about your field, and find investors who believe in you. 

7.“Place your bets on sustainable projects.” We aren’t only talking about environmental sustainability, but also projects that generate a return for the local community. 

8.“Sustainable projects attract conscious consumers.” Fortunately, every day there are more responsible consumers that commit to the brands they consume. They seek product traceability and storytelling that impacts them. If you align with other brands that defend a cause like yours, you can create community and a common benefit. 

9.“Visualize your actions and future.” Think outside of the box, get organized and don’t limit yourself to short-term objectives and outcomes. Think big and establish an ambitious mission for your business. Take the time to visualize and you will see that step-by-step, you will reach that seemingly unattainable goal.