3 years ago

And the winner of The Collective Spirit Competition will be…

One of these 14 sustainable projects will be the happy winner of $50,000 USD and will make their initiative a reality. What are you waiting for to enter your project in next year’s (2022) competition?

1. Bottling the essence of Cuba

  • Uses local ingredients and supports small producers. 
  • Adapts the concepts of sustainability, social responsibility, and seasonality. 
  • Respects and maximizes the use of raw material.
  • Developed a production line of bottled cocktails, cordials, and mixers. 

2. An academy for bar community

  • An academy in Palermo for experienced or novice bartenders that includes migrants and citizens. 
  • Encourages the bar community to work together to improve and innovate in the industry.  
  • A working space that interchanges as a café, bar and academy. 

3. Healthy meals during shifts

  • A wellness project focused on educating the hospitality industry on the importance of healthy eating.
  • Plans to cater events like bar shows, and deliver healthy meals to hospitality workers during shifts.

If you want to learn the differences between Jalisco’s valleys and the state’s highlands distillates click here.

4. Credit and investments for hospitality workers

  • A credit union for hospitality workers. 
  • All too often, our industry is not taught about saving, especially within tipping culture. 
  • Will encourage and educate hospitality staff and venue owners to learn about savings, investments, and planning for their future.

5. Teaching to grow their own produce

  • Will utilize unused outdoor spaces and convert them into greener spaces for cultivating produce alongside a bars cocktail program. 
  • By teaching the hospitality community to grow their own produce, gives room for a plethora of new sustainably and locally grown ingredients.

6. Safe guests thanks to a QR code 

  • An ordering system for bars and restaurants using a QR code.  
  • Designed to educate the guest about staying safe while enjoying your night out.
  • Include maps to safe places, venues and how to alert someone if feeling unsafe. 

Download and discover a new, improved, “Digital You”! Click here.

7. A bartending agency

  • A bartending agency that guarantees professionally trained bartenders for hire for venues and events.  
  • Provides fair financial security, mental health services and high-level hospitality education for their bartenders.

8. Transforming waste for a better future

  • Addresses the problem of highly toxic (due to Bisphenol compound) thermal paper used in command printers. 
  • Seeks to reduce the risks of these papers to both bartenders and clients. 

9. Exchanging recycled products for points

  • An online platform where you can exchange recycled products for points that can be redeemed for other recycled products or services.
  • These exchanges will begin between cocktail bars, flower and coffee shops, fruit suppliers and alcohol distributors.

You may be surprised to find truly avant-garde temples dedicated to mixology in Oaxaca. Click here for more info.

10. On line opportunities for hospitality workers

  • A learning and skills management platform designed to create opportunities for hospitality workers in the global gig economy.  
  • Building a platform to assess, manage and deploy hospitality minded problem solvers.

11. Look for the pin and feel safe

  • A pin concept where those who wear the pin are strong pioneers of creating safe environments.
  • If a person is feeling uncomfortable in a situation in a hospitality venue, they can search for someone wearing the “Always Here” pin and know that that person will be there to help. 

12. Natural cosmetic products

  • Aims to offer high quality, natural cosmetics created from waste products in the hospitality industry.
  • Using the likes of spent coffee grounds and citrus, these products will aim to rival high-street brands and will be based on both traditions and low-waste production system.

13. Building a recycling community 

  • Aims to create a community amongst bars and restaurants to sort trash and recycle it into coasters and souvenirs, in collaboration with local companies. 
  • Also working to raise money from cocktail sales to plant trees in their city. 

14. Exchanging knowledge for the future 

  • A platform for bartenders to exchange knowledge, successes, and failures as they grow their hospitality careers.
  • Via his website, a bartender could put together a plan to learn how to reach their goals of opening their own venue.