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Vintage Margaritas: An Excuse to Celebrate Margarita Day!

Tahona Society bartenders enjoying Vintage Margaritas while celebrating Margarita Day

For the first time, three of the most important bartenders in the world joined together to create unique vintage Margaritas using heirloom spirits. Discover who they are and what they prepare to celebrate Margarita Day this 2023. 

The Donovan Bar is one of the most prestigious cocktail bars in London. It is also the perfect stage to present vintage Margaritas. The man behind the bar concept is none other than tequila legend Salvatore Calabrese, “The Maestro,” inventor of the Breakfast Martini and holder of the Guinness World Record for creating the world’s most expensive cocktail. 

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Salvatore was invited to participate in this event by Dré Masso, Co-creator of Altos tequila. Dré also invited Margarita Ambassador Julio Bermejo, who promotes 100% agave tequila around the world and created the legendary Tommy’s Margarita. The three conspired to create, for the first time in history, unique Margaritas using vintage spirits.  

Tommy’s Margarita Made with First Batch of Altos Tequila 2009

Tommy’s Margarita Made with First Batch of Altos Tequila 2009

The first cocktail presented was a Tommy’s Margarita, prepared by its creator Julio Bermejo. On this occasion, Julio gave it a twist by using the first batch of Altos tequila ever launched (in 2009) and mixed it with agave syrup and fresh lime juice. And we are not talking about just any lime juice… Julio shared with us all the secrets behind the perfect Tommy’s Margarita and its most important ingredient: limon! It is time to Squeeze the Juice of Those Limes, Julio!

Classic Margarita Using 1970’s Olmeca Reposado and 1970’s Cointreau 

Classic Margarita Using 1970’s Olmeca Reposado and 1970’s Cointreau 

Salvatore surprised us by presenting a classic concoction made with a 1970’s Olmeca reposado, a 1970’s Cointreau and fresh lime juice.


Just for the record, there are three tequilas in the Olmeca family: Olmeca was launched in 1967; next was Olmeca Tezón, which is no longer produced,  and in 2009 Olmeca Altos. All three contain tahona liquid. Even Tezón was made with 100% tahona liquid! 

A Tribute to Tezón Blanco 2003 

Agave, citrus, mint, lemon and pepper aromas with agave, alcohol, pepper, lemon, citrus, mint and grass flavors create this full-bodied elixir…all with a sweet finish. This is simply the best description for Tezón Blanco 2003. Unfortunately, this beauty is no longer being produced, but the iconic bottle and volcanic stone bottle cap will be found in tequila collectors’ showcases.  

Dré Masso prepared an amazing Death by Tequila cocktail with Altos Plata, green pepper and coriander shrubs, lime juice, Italicus liqueur and green tangerine aroma. 

The celebration finished with a round of Tommy’s Royal: Tommy’s Margarita made with Altos Reposado, topped with sparkling wine and served in a champagne flute glass.  

Once again, celebrating Margarita Day offers the perfect opportunity to exalt the values and exquisite quality of the tequila category.