3 years ago

Meet Project La Mata: Winner of Second Annual ‘Tahona Society Collective Spirit’ Competition 2021

Imagine a cocktail industry initiative that isfocused on the creation of a line of mixers. We are talking about craft products which uses a scientific and sustainable approach. Discover all behind this amazing project focus on sustainability and social impact.  

Now, try to visualize a scheme that find to maximise the use of local raw and materials. Where? In La Habana, Cuba.


This is the winning concept behind La Mata, created by Diana Figueroa and David Roque, and presented at Altos Tequila’s second annual The Tahona Society Collective Spirit competition, which took place in Guadalajara, from 15th-20th November 2021.

The pioneering sustainability-centric competition challenged 14 bartender finalists from across the globe to present their initiatives – conceived to benefit staff, customers, the bartending community and/or the environment – in a bid to win a $50,000 USD grant to bring the concept to life.

Handcrafted products and mixers

The duo, who own Jibaro bar and restaurant in Havana, Cuba, began producing their own handcrafted products and mixers – including cordials, kombuchas, sodas and liquors – using all-natural, locally-grown Cuban produce in 2017, when they spotted a gap in their own menu. The products soon became popular with fellow bartenders and entrepreneurs, presenting a fantastic business opportunity. Since then, Figueroa and Roque have worked to develop exciting new lines and flavours using native fruits, such as Java Plum, as well as different herbs and spices.

Using the Altos Tahona Society Collective Spirit grant, Figueroa and Roque will be investing in equipment, supplies and raw materials in order to escalate production. The sustainable production line – which will use 100% recycled bottles only – will also serve to support the local community by opening up a range of new job positions. Alongside this, the team will look to build a small education centre that will allow bartenders and the community to learn about the best way to utilise the products, as well as sustainable industry practices which they can adopt.

A compromise with sustainability and social engagement

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the team’s strong focus on waste reduction, one of the four different Collective Spirit categories assessed in the contest along with bartender welfare, social engagement, upcycling and recycling and sustaining the environment.

Diana Figueroa commented: “We were proud to represent Cuba for the first time in this prestigious competition and are incredibly grateful to The Tahona Society for this life-changing opportunity. Our winning initiative, “La Mata”, will help support our local community, while limiting waste reduction and environmental impact by showcasing how to maximise raw local materials. We can’t wait to begin rolling it out in Cuba and we hope its success will lead to expansion in the coming years – watch this space!”.

Impact in bar practices 

To assist their preparation for the final round of presentations, finalists received specialised one-to-one Tequila training and hands-on workshops from business and marketing experts such as; Michael Merolli, CEO of House of Tequila – Pernod Ricard; Kirén Miret, Executive Producer of Mexico and Colombia´s Shark Tank reality television series and Dré Masso, co-founder of Altos Tequila, amongst others.

Dré Masso, Altos Tequila and The Tahona Society Co-Founder, said: “It’s no secret that sustainability is more important than ever before on a global scale. So, it’s inspiring to see our community of bartenders becoming increasingly socially and environmentally conscious and really considering the impact of their bar practices. Figueroa and Roque’s “La Mata” project resonates with Altos’ deep-rooted respect for the environment and support for the local community, and we can’t wait to see the positive effects of the scheme come into play.”

Carlos Andrés Ramírez, Global Advocacy Manager at Pernod Ricard House of Tequila, added: “At Altos Tequila, we have pioneered bartender education and sustainable practices through The Tahona Society and we’re extremely proud of the number of high-quality entries we received for this year’s Collective Spirit competition – the first competition for sustainable bartending projects. In the end, only one team could win and “La Mata” clearly demonstrated a link to the qualities outlined in Altos’ We Care manifesto. Congratulations to Diana and David! We look forward to continuing to support this business venture and helping the team expand outside of Cuba.”.