4 years ago

We Got A Spoon For You…

We’re proud to present the first mixing spoon created for Tahona Society members alone. You’ll love its one-of-a-kind design—inspired by the tahona millstone—and its deep, cool color.

After years working closely with Cocktail Kingdom—after all kinds of testing and prototypes—the dream has finally arrived. It’s the tool you’ve got to have at home and behind the bar—the first mixing spoon especially created for Tahona Society members. You’ll love its design, functionality, ease-of-use and perfect balance; a Cocktail Kingdom exclusive in chic gunmetal black. Spoon-bowls feature TS branding up front—to help you remember us every time you make a spectacular Altos cocktail.

“At 36.5 centimeters long, Tahona Society’s new mixing spoon features an exact replica of the tahona millstone—our community’s icon—at the end of its spiral.”

Inspired by the tahona millstone’s heft and significance when it comes to making artisanal Altos tequilas, it symbolizes all the values our community shares. We’re sure using the spoon to come up with your own Altos concoctions will be a whole new ballgame, backed by renowned expertise from Cocktail Kingdom, today’s hottest leading bar-tool producer.

The launch is on and you’ll get your mixing spoon this month. Hold tight. Order additional spoons by e-mailing Jesús Hernández at [email protected] Each spoon costs $23 USD; delivery times TBD according to order quantity. It’s not just the perfect gift for you—it’s also ideal for bartenders you’re looking to connect to TS events including winners and participants in every country. We hope you’ll really enjoy it. Once you’ve got it in hand, try experimenting on some great Altos cocktails—then let us know how it went; we’ll be happy to hear your feedback at [email protected]

Cocktail Kingdom https://www.cocktailkingdom.com

Learn Spoon Tricks With Bar Tools https://youtu.be/CbGUZP0j8n0