4 years ago


Innovating in pandemic times using your imagination… and some magic*  

The hospitality scene and the food and beverage industry have changed, and in effect, so has the way we used to do things. Our lives have taken a 180 degree turn and we don’t know exactly where we are headed.

We have gathered some useful tools to inspire you in facing this hurdle head on; together we will get through these tough times that our industry, and the world in general, are experiencing.

1. Never lose your ability to imagine

Imagination is the mother of all arts. According to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  

Imagination is the spring well of creativity and innovation that allows you to transform and believe that anything is possible, even during moments of crisis. 

It is during these revealing moments of calm and silence while we stay at home, that allow us to reflect and allow our imagination to fly. You might say we are dreamers… but we’re not the only ones.

Imagining what you want in your professional life, visualizing it, believing it, designing it, and afterwards, making it a reality- can create the opportunities that we had never before considered because we were so caught up in our long shifts.

Having the ability to imagine what did not exist in our reality just months before this pandemic, can help lead us out of the dust storm and into a transformed reality of success.

2. It’s a kind of magic 

Magic is all about the power of illusion. While this pandemic is affecting us emotionally and economically, we can’t lose our capacity for illusion, especially in the face of adversity. 

It is time to create new scenarios and realities in order to believe in them. What’s true is that whether we want it or not, this is the reality we have to deal with and its time to face it. Let’s challenge ourselves to reimagine our profession. The bartending scene has changed, and with it, the way we do things. 

The first step 

The first step is to recreate our project from scratch, beginning by asking ourselves what will be our motivation to keep doing what we know how to do best? Remember that it can’t be the same motivation that existed months ago; reality has changed, as have we along with it.

Rock & roll attitude  

According to Winston Churchill, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” So, start with yourself. Have a positive attitude as you act and work in this new reality—an attitude of giving to others, even though you know that we are losing and surely will lose more. 

People who need people 

Today more than ever, we have to commit to our community and our people with solidarity. It’s time to think about doing something for those around us. 

Innovation is in style

Innovation is the only way to create a new reality in our industry. Many of us are in a situation where we have no work or income; our salaries have been cut in half, or our work has simply stopped.  For the first time we have realized how vulnerable we are and that we need to start doing things differently. 

It’s time to act

The time has come to decide how we will think and act as a collective, in support and alliance, united as a community that can thrive amidst crisis. 

Ask yourself what is motivating you now, what your attitude is like, who are the people you spend time with, how you will create your new reality—and most importantly—how you will ensure that your thoughts move beyond words and become actions.

You lose, you learn

What have we learned about this pandemic? Bill Gates suggests this is an opportunity that has come to correct us, to show us how to forgive, forget, recover, and of course, rise again. 

It also came to teach us about humility, to bow our heads and recognize where we were wrong, and that now we have the opportunity to see things differently.

When we face situations that we can’t control, the solution is not to worry, but rather to ACT. Remember that the great principle of creativity is observation, paying attention to opportunities that pass like birds flying in front of our eyes. 

The people who come out on top of any crisis are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, nor the fastest; rather, they are those who face and accept the change.

Finally, here are some tips for innovating during these pandemic times: 

  1. You are not unemployed; you are using your time differently. 
  2. One basic way to detect opportunity is to observe what is happening, not just that which is immediately around you, but also what is happening in other places. You can find some fantastic ideas. 
  3. Identify what communities are most vulnerable and what you can do for them. Your new job, objective, or market may be right there. 
  4. See the crisis as a way to accomplish your dreams. Learn the skill you have been putting off, practice a skill you want to improve, create what you never created because you didn’t have the time. 
  5. Imagine new virtual and technological scenarios to put your knowledge, skills, and gifts into practice. 
* Important note: Everyone reacts to crisis differently. Anxiety or depression during times like these are very common responses, and we encourage you to seek help or support if you are experiencing them.