4 years ago

Message to everyone in The Tahona Familia

We’re thrilled to announce the Tahona Society is celebrating its eighth year in the business. Which makes it a great time to look back—and start thinking about the future.

Eight years on, we’re one of the industry’s biggest bartender communities. And we’re united by a single passion—our love of agave and its great distilled spirits. Hats off to society founders Dre, Henry, Alberto and Charles—things just keep getting bigger and better. Moving forward, we’ll celebrate by bringing the community even closer together.

One step in that direction is the publication you’re reading now. It’s specifically created for the Tahona bartender community and showcases issues that are super relevant to how you work, and live, with lots of fun information and learnings. Most of all, it’s about ideas that inspire. The magazine is a forum for your experiences—plus a way to stay on top of the latest Tahona-family news and accomplishments.
Issue 1 showcases an amazing group of connoisseurs. Alberto Navarro hands in an informative introduction to the realm of DO (i.e., “domain of origin”) for agave spirits; the amazing Trash Tiki team will fire you up with their badass, zero-waste manifesto.  

Ever thought of a yoga break, before, during or after a mad-crazy shift? Tahona’s in-house “guru” has got some original yet practical advice. Elsewhere, Dré takes up trendy, low-sugar drinks; Jorge Fitz makes a trip back in time to the indigenous Mexican herb known as epazote, now ready for a cocktail comeback.
Tahona Society contest winner Jeppe Nodlev takes us on a rollicking, 36-hour whirl around his native Copenhagen. It’s loaded with insider tips on everything from cozy bakeries and coffee joints to edgy tattoo parlors. 

What’s your IQ when it comes to old- (and new-) fashioned punches? We’ll take you through some of the history behind this traditional, family-style tipple—complete with accessories in vintage (yet cutting-edge) style by our friends at Cocktail Kingdom.Once you sign up, you’ll get the newsletter right in your in-box. Articles also get posted on the Tahona Society webpage blog section.
But the publication is not a talk-at—we especially want to hear from you. Drop us a line at [email protected] to let us in on your current interests and tell us what you’d like to see in coming issues.
So much good news merits a toast. So pour yourself an ALTOS tequila, to celebrate what’s great in life—with the worldwide Tahona family.