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Happy National Taco Day: Celebrate with the Best Tacos from Around the World 

On October 4th, National Taco Day is celebrated in the United States. It is the perfect opportunity for the AltosBrand Ambassadors to share their recommendations for enjoying one of the most famous and beloved dishes around the world. Read on to discover the best spots in each of these cities where you are sure to satisfy your taco craving!


Mejico Restaurant

IG @mejicorestaurant

Web Page https://mejico.com.au/sydney

Stunningly fresh food that tastes authentically Mexican. The menu is select and the tacos offered are of exceptional quality. They also offer the best quality vegan and vegetarian choices at the best prices.

Mejico is considered Australia’s tequila home, to the point that the menu includes a tequila bible, with an explanation of tequila production and the aging process. Offerings include an extensive detailed list of options including information on the points of origin within the Jalisco highlands and lowlands.

Their cocktail menu is wonderful. They have a clarified Margarita with white tequila, Supasawa, triple sec and agave, signature cocktails, and batanga highballs.

El Loco at Slip Inn 

IG @ellocosydney

Web Page https://merivale.com/venues/slipinn/

This amazing Merivale venue offers tacos at a great value (around $7 AUD) and everything is delicious. The location is great, the drinks offering is fantastic and the food really brings everything together for the perfect Mexican night out.

Their premium taco menu offers everything from smoked beef brisket with green tomato salsa and pickled jalapeno, to chipotle chicken, achiote carnitas, mushroom barbeque, and pork belly tacos. The star dish is the taco platter, which is served with soft flour tortillas (8pc), lettuce, pickled jalapeños, onion, guacamole, herbs, grilled corn and pico de gallo.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Tacoland


La Punta Expendio de Agave 

Web Page https://lapuntaexpendiodeagave.superbexperience.com/

IG @lapuntaexpendiodeagave 

La Punta Expendio de Agave is not only a bar but also a door leading to ancestral Mexico. It is the truest place in Rome to try quality mezcals selected by experts and who are considered world mezcal ambassadors.

There are a variety of experiences to choose from: you can book a table and enjoy the agave spirits collection, cocktails and food; or you can book your experience at the bar and chat with the bartenders at the forefront of the agave spirits offerings, with food too, of course. This unforgettable experience is in high demand, so book in advance. You may be treated to free master classes or be the guest of a famous bartender.

Join here Mexican Street Tacos Pairing with Altos Tequila Cocktails.

New York

Los Tacos No.1

Web Site https://www.lostacos1.com/

IG @lostacos1

This taqueria was created when friends from Tijuana, Mexico and Brawley, California, decided to bring authentic Mexican tacos to the east coast. Of course, the authentic taste comes from family recipes and every taco is a bite of authentic Mexican culture and flavor. Please, try all of their tacos! From grilled steak, or grilled chicken, to marinated pork. If you prefer vegan options, the grilled cactus is amazing. You can choose either corn or flour tortillas and enjoy all of them with coriander, onion, guacamole and green or red salsa. 

Here is a list of another taco spots that you cannot miss in New York City:


Toro Loco


Mad Dog




El Vez


Amor Loco


Los Angeles

Tacos Los Palomos

IG @lpalomos  

What better city than Los Angeles to enjoy authentic Mexican tacos? LA is the second largest city in the world in terms of its Mexican population, exceeding 920,000 Mexican inhabitants. This means that you are more likely to find authentic Mexican food with flavors and seasonings similar to what you find in Mexico.

You will find everything here, like the traditional tacos al pastor – typical of Mexico City – freshly cut from the trompo and served with fresh cilantro, onion and a piece of grilled pineapple. You can also find tacos de fritanga (“fried tacos”) which use all kinds of offal, including cuts like suadero (beef belly), buche (hog maw), and tripas (chitterlings). These delicacies for the brave are pan fried in a large aluminum cooking pan. There are also chicken tacos, chorizo tacos, and tacos made of head, tongue and even lip!

If you are looking for more taco spots in LA do not forget to visit these:



Guerrilla Tacos 



El Camion Mexican Grill 

Web Page https://elcamion.co.uk/

IG @elcamion_sojo

Of course, on El Camion’s menu you will find all kinds of appetizers and snacks that evoke the richness of Mexican culture, but on this occasion we are interested in mentioning the tacos and its many variations. An order is made up of two tacos with a choice of flatiron steak, pork carnitas, grilled chicken, grilled shrimp & avocado, Baja style haddock, or pan fried chorizo & potato. Vegetarian options include mushroom, fresh cheese and butternut squash al pastor.

Among the cocktail offering is the not-to-be-missed Tommy’s Margarita, created by our friend Julio Bermejo.

This is the story of Julio’s legendary Tommy’s Margarita, along with a few tips to perfect your Margarita. 

Discover Tommy’s Margarita Made with First Batch Altos 

Cavita Restaurant 

Web Page https://www.cavitarestaurant.com/

IG @cavita.restaurante 

Adriana Cavita’s first solo project in the UK is a traditional Mexican restaurant named Cavita, in the heart of Marylebone Village. It encompasses food traditions from across Mexico, from the capital, where Adriana was born, to Oaxaca in the south and even the Yucatan. There is a stunning selection of seafood starters in the raw bar, which combines the freshest sustainably caught fish with vibrant citrus dressings and sauces. Elevated street food features heavily at the restaurant. It is a true culinary journey through her beloved Mexico.

Part of the menu is called “From the street” and is inspired by Mexico’s vibrant street food culture. It offers an array of mouthwatering dishes that capture the essence of authentic Mexican flavors. Savor these bold and lively street eats! You can choose among: 

Tacos al pastor – the Iberic secret, marinated and grilled pork, guacasalsa, grilled pineapple, habanero sauce, and cilantro; 

Baja-style cod tacos – ground corn tempura fried fish, fermented cabbage, fennel,  pico de gallo and chipotle salsa;

Crab tacos – soft shell crab in tempura, black garlic mayo, avocado puree, mixed cabbage and pico de gallo in a corn and nori tortilla.


Taquería JaJaJa

IG @taqueriajajaja

If you're craving tacos in the capital of France, you no longer have to settle for a baguette. At Jajaja you can give free rein to all your cravings and try all the tacos on the menu; starting with tacos al pastor, moving on to chicken tinga tacos with chipotle and pickled onion; then try the Baja-style shrimp tempura tacos, and the Baja avocado tempura tacos. Delicious! They also offer tacos of the day, such as beef barbeque with ancho chili and peanut sauce – which is very difficult to find in Paris, by the way. Delight yourself watching taquero Andres, who came from Oaxaca to Paris, prepare your authentically Mexican tacos.

And if you want to make your own taco feast at home, they have handmade, vacuum-packed tortillas for sale.

When making your own tacos, you will want to try these easy, delicious and spicy taco sauce recipes: click here.