3 years ago

Altos supports the World’s 50 Best Bars Recovery Fund

These are difficult times, and we at Olmeca Altos are very conscious that bars and restaurants are among the most affected businesses in the world.

That’s why, in continuing with our current partnership with the World's 50 Best Bars, we will be one of the main sponsors of the 50 Best Bars Recovery Fund—a program that aims to gather enough money to provide economic relief to bars around the world. 

Recovery Fund

The 50 Best Bars Recovery Fund is contributing to the global recovery of the hospitality sector. Funds are being raised through donations from 50 Best’s partners as well as a range of initiatives through which consumers can give back to their beloved bar community.

As of September 1, the fund has raised $1.23 million USD through its fundraising activities, of which at least 50% is going directly to independent bars and restaurants via grants, with additional donations being made to nonprofits around the world supporting the industry while feeding the most vulnerable in society. The 50 Best Bars Recovery Fund remains open to receive further donations. 

Olmeca Altos has supported this initiative not only with an important financial donation but also by offering unique bottles and VIP experiences that were auctioned in July 2020 to raise additional money. One of the main pillars of Olmeca Altos’ We Care work is people. Supporting the different communities that our brand depends on is imperative to us. One of these communities is our family of bartenders: The Tahona Society. Our efforts—providing career opportunities with our Collective Spirit Competition and the Henry Besant Scholarship, and contributing to supportive funds such as the 50 Best Bars Recovery Fund —aim to bolster and embrace our industry in these most difficult times.