4 years ago

Spending Time Outdoors

We love our lifestyle as bartenders: it’s lively, passionate, adrenaline-charged, has us moving from one extreme to another, and fills us with pride. At the same time, it can be physically and emotionally taxing to the point of throwing off our balance.

This is why we have invited some of our most beloved community members to share their experiences of reconnecting with themselves by practicing their favorite outdoor activities.

Whether it be camping, mountain biking, triathlons, gathering berries in city forests, meditation or yoga al fresco, these bartenders agree on the restorative power of spending long periods of time surrounded by nature. Body and mind are replenished by the peace, calm and fresh air. In addition, being outdoors promotes feelings of happiness when our stress is released and our bodies begin to produce vitamin D as we expose ourselves to sunlight.

Chris Meisner is aware that his work brought the need to create balance in his life.  In his search for new healthy habits to overcome the excess weight and anxiety that he was carrying, he encountered the world of triathlons. For Chris, “training outdoors is how I clear my mind—it brings perspective to limiting thoughts and shines the light on some underlying beliefs that are no longer serving me.”

From Simon Kistenfeger, we have a magnificent article on the benefits of camping outdoors. He provides tips for beginners that range from the basic items you will need and how to set up your tent, to the perfect time to buy food and how to cook delicious recipes in the middle of the forest. One must-do activity that he recommends is listening to the sounds of nature while meditating.

Kesley Ramage shares with us the importance of organizing a trip to the outdoors any time you can—to escape from your routine, restore strength, and recharge your energy. Kesley loves meditating outdoors and says that the best thing about it is that it’s free! Just find yourself a comfortable place to sit. What better place than in one of nature’s beautiful sanctuaries with a soundtrack that includes birds, wind, and running water?

Here’s how Alberto Navarro talks about his incredible mountain biking experience: “Being in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature, admiring the views of the mountains and forests, watching fauna and flora, can also improve or even avoid depression. In fact, “ecotherapy” (using nature as therapy) has become a modern trend.”

Finally, Vijay Mudaliar teaches us the art of gathering ingredients from our surroundings, walking through the neighborhood park, or going just outside the city. Beginning to notice and recognize our immediate environment as a source of nutrition and well-being permits us to enter its delicate balance.

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