4 Paloma Cocktails Paired with 4 Caribbean Dishes

Summer is right around the corner, and so is Paloma Day, celebrated on May 22. To commemorate this iconic cocktail, we selected four of our favorite Paloma recipes to combine with delightful tropical dishes that we found in one of our Mexico City favorites: Palapa Cantina Caribeña!

David Ampudia, Brand Ambassador of Altos Tequila, was responsible for preparing Paloma cocktails in Palapa Cantina Caribeña. Meanwhile, Chef Sebastián Pinzón proposed four Caribbean dishes to pair with these iconic cocktails.

Palapa Cantina Caribeña is the secret oasis in La Juarez District. It pays homage to the food and cocktails of Caribbean countries. It’s like a huge palapa, a traditional shelter or hut with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves or nipa leaves. In English, it is translated simply as “thatched hut” or “palm-thatched shelter.”

The space is open and spacious, with lots of wood and wicker lamps, and surrounded by tropical palms. It is a new hot spot everyone wants to visit to feel like they’re on vacation for a little while! As soon as you enter, you’ll also encounter rhythm-filled Caribbean music.

Sebastián Pinzón (@sebas_cooking) is the talented Colombian chef behind the food menu, which gathers typical flavors from Yucatán to Colombia but also brings in the influences that shape the identity of Caribbean islands. 

Born in Bogotá but a Tolimense at heart, Sebastián is a renowned 34-year-old chef who has earned the admiration of his colleagues and diners in Colombia and Mexico.

Sebastián has been exploring the flavors of the Colombian Caribbean for some time. At Palapa Cantina Caribeña, he offers flavors and recipes inspired by the entire Caribbean: Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, the islands of the Colombian Caribbean, and the great Mexican Caribbean. His intention with the menu is to show people how the Caribbean makes a family meal with lots of traditional snacks to share and accompany drinks and a lot of food at the center of the table.

We know you love to share food at the table with family, friends, and, why not, bar clients. So here are four meal recipes created by Sebastián. They are easy to prepare, fresh, and perfect for the summer. You can replicate these recipes wherever you live, and they go perfectly with Palomas with innovative and unique twists. Happy Paloma Day!

1. Crafted Paloma with Shrimp Cocktail

Crafted Paloma Recipe


60 ml Altos Plata

60 ml fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice

30 ml Lemon Juice

15 ml Agave Syrup

A pinch of salt 

Pink peppercorns crushed with sea salt

Slice of pink grapefruit for garnish


Rim a glass with the sea salt and pink peppercorns mixture, then pour all the ingredients, except the juice, into the glass. Mix using the ALTOS molinillo to dissolve the agave syrup. Fill the glass with ice and finish with the pink grapefruit juice. Garnish with a half slice of pink grapefruit.

Shrimp Cocktail Recipe


150 g cooked shrimp

150 g ketchup sauce

30 g diced red onion

30 g cucumber slices (cut into half moons)

15 g diced green bell pepper

5 g diced jalapeño pepper

15 ml lime juice

2 g chopped cilantro

1 g salt

15 gr dried tomatoes for garnish

Avocado for garnish


Place all the cocktail ingredients in a bowl and mix vigorously. Adjust the seasoning as needed and serve. Garnish with dried tomatoes and avocado. Accompany with saltine crackers.

2. Paloma Royale with Tuna Toast

Paloma Royale Recipe

By: Simon Kistenfeger @the_real_vikingo


50 ml Altos Plata

25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15 ml Agave Syrup

30 ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice 

30 ml Mumm Champagne Brut

Rosemary twig and grapefruit wedge for garnish


Add all ingredients except the champagne to a shaker with ice. Shake. Serve in a tall glass. Top with Mumm Brut. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge and a rosemary twig. 

Tuna Toast Recipe 


50 g fresh yellowfin tuna

1 toasted tortilla

10 g chipotle mayonnaise

25 g mixed vegetables*

5 g sliced shallots

2 g purslane

5 g watermelon radish (or any radish available)

1 g cilantro flowers

Olive oil

Sea salt

*Vegetable mix

30 g dried tomatoes

15 g diced cucumber

15 g diced red onion

3 g serrano pepper (or any green chili available)

1 g chopped cilantro

5 ml lime juice

2 ml sesame oil


For the vegetable mix, chop the dried tomatoes into small pieces and mix with the cucumber, red onion, and serrano pepper. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well, and adjust for seasoning. Set the mix aside for the toast.

Spread the mayonnaise over the toasted tortilla, then add the vegetable mix. Top with slices of fresh yellowfin tuna. Garnish with shallot, purslane, radish, and cilantro flowers. Lastly, add a sprinkle of sea salt and drizzle with olive oil.

3. Cantarito de Mar with Tiradito Costeño

Cantarito de Mar Recipe  

By: Dré Masso, @dremasso


60 ml Altos Infusionado Cítricos*

25 ml Grapefruit Juice

25 ml Orange Juice 

50 ml Tonic Water 

Orange and Grapefruit wedges for garnish


Build all ingredients except the tonic water in a highball glass with ice. Stir. Top with tonic water and garnish with orange and grapefruit wedges.

*If you don’t have Altos Infusionado Cítricos, use Altos Plata and increase citrus flavor with lime juice. 


Tiradito Costeño Recipe 


100 g white fish fillet

100 g hibiscus leche de tigre*

15 g red onion cut into feathers

25 g diced pineapple

25 g cooked corn grain

2 g chopped cilantro

15 ml lime juice

10 g pickled chilies

Cilantro leaves for garnish

Table salt

*Hibiscus leche de tigre (fish marinade)

100 ml unsweetened hibiscus tea

10 g diced fish

5 g white onion

5 g celery

2 g cilantro

2 g chopped garlic

2 g fresh ginger

5 g piquillo pepper

3 g table salt

½ g black pepper powder

10 ml lime juice

1 g white sugar


For the hibiscus leche de tigre, chop the celery, onion, garlic, ginger, and piquillo pepper (deseed the pepper beforehand). Add all the ingredients to a blender with the hibiscus tea and the diced fish. Blend until smooth. Sift the sauce and adjust for seasoning. Lastly, adjust the acidity with sugar.

For the tiradito, cut the fish into thin slices (the tiradito-style cut is similar to the sashimi style) and arrange it on a plate. Season with salt. Mix the red onion, pineapple, corn grain, cilantro, lime juice, and salt in a bowl. Adjust for seasoning. Serve the mix over the fish, then pour the hibiscus leche de tigre over the dish. Garnish with pickled chilies and cilantro leaves.

4. Paloma Alta with Caribbean Sea Ceviche Recipe

Paloma Alta Recipe 


60 ml Altos Infusionado Cítricos*

120 ml Lime Soda

Grapefruit wedge for garnish 


Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir and then serve in a highball glass with ice. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge. 

*If you don’t have Altos Infusionado Cítricos, use Altos Plata and increase citrus flavor with lime juice.

Caribbean Sea Ceviche Recipe


120 g white fish fillet


30 ml lime juice

15 g sliced shallots

15 g piquillo pepper (julienne cut)

40 g charred avocado

2 g chopped cilantro

30 g spiralized jicama (you can replace it with spiralized green papaya or green mango)

50 g cold coconut sauce*

10 g purslane

*For the cold coconut sauce

100 g coconut milk

5 g white onion

5 g celery

2 g cilantro

2 g garlic cloves

2 g fresh ginger

5 g piquillo pepper

10 ml lime juice

3 g table salt

½ black pepper powder


For the cold coconut sauce, chop the onion, garlic, celery, ginger, and piquillo pepper (deseed the pepper beforehand). Add all the ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth. Sift the sauce and adjust for seasoning. Set aside to prepare the ceviche.

For the ceviche, cut the fish into cubes and place them in a bowl. Season with salt and lime juice. Add the shallots, piquillo pepper (julienne cut), charred avocado, and cilantro. Mix thoroughly until all the flavors are fully combined. Serve the mix on a plate and pour the cold coconut sauce around the ceviche. Garnish with spiralized jicama and purslane buds.