Drinks International’s Annual Brands  Report 2024: Altos is officially the #3 best-selling and #4 trending Tequila this year!

This article highlights the success, recognition, and global impact of Altos Tequila and Del Maguey Mezcal in the Drinks International 2024 Report, celebrating their achievements and inviting Tahona Society Community to explore the complete report for more insights.

The results are in… and we’re trending!

Each year, bartenders across the globe come together for Drinks International’s Annual Brands Report, where they consistently vote Del Maguey as the reigning best-selling Mezcal and Altos as both a Top 10 Best-selling AND Top 10 Trending Tequila.

This year, we’ve achieved a new milestone by securing the number one spot for Del Maguey, plus two top-five spots for Altos. That’s right, Altos is officially the #3 Best-selling and #4 Trending Tequila in 2024!

Not only that, but our brands are the top choices for some of the best-selling cocktails, with Altos voted the number one tequila for a Paloma, whilst Del Maguey is the bartenders’ top choice for Mezcal Margaritas.

Why Drinks International’s Annual Brands  Report 2024 is so Important for the Global Spirits Industry

Drinks International’s Annual Brands Report 2024 is the result of the votes by a selection of 100 of the most relevant bars and bartenders in the industry. 

The focus is on which brands the best bars buy and why. This report gives an insight into business behavior and shows us how relevant we are to them.

Altos Tequila and Del Maguey Mezcal: Their Performance in the Past Years

Altos Tequila and Del Maguey Mezcal have been appearing in the report since its inception in 2017. 

In those days, Del Maguey already appeared as the #1 best-selling mezcal, and hasn’t lost that position since then, and has also remained in the top 3 trending since then. 

Recently Altos began to appear as the most used Tequila for Margaritas, and now it has also earned this distinction for the Paloma cocktail, highlighting just how relevant Altos is becoming tequila globally. 

Behind the Rise of Altos and Del Maguey

According to Carlos Andrés Ramírez, Advocacy Global Manager of House of Tequila, the rise of Altos and Del Maguey in Drinks International’s Annual Brands  Report 2024” is the result of all the efforts that they do from the Advocacy and Marketing team in three fronts:”

1. Close Relationships and Continuous Nourishment of our Bartender Community 

Close relationships and continuous nourishment of our bartender community via programs like Tahona Society, events, sponsorships, the Henry Besant Scholarship, and guest bartendings.

2. Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors are the real rock stars. They engage locally with all their key stakeholders to expand brand love in their markets, enhanced by all the hard work of the commercial and sales teams.

3. Brand Credibility in the Trade 

It is mainly about the credibility that brands like Altos and Del Maguey have in the trade, the industry knowledge and perception of brands that are well done, with high-quality liquid, a crafted process, versatility, and an overall great product to enjoy neat or in cocktails. That’s why, since the beginning, Altos and Del Maguey are among the bartender’s favorites!

But how do the hospitality industry and bartenders benefit from Altos and Del Maguey being highly ranked in the report?

Ramírez points out the recognition our brands have on the trade and the credentials for consumers around the world: “It is also satisfying to see bartenders recognize this because, at the end of the day, they are the most knowledgeable consumers and the hardest to convince.” 

Finally, in the case of Del Maguey, it is the result of years of hard work. Del Maguey is basically the brand that introduced mezcal to the world and the first to start educating people about mezcal culture, production, and tradition. 

In the case of Altos, it is the core of the brand, created by bartenders for bartenders; it reflects the purpose of its creation. 

So, we’ll be raising our glasses to the recognition of our beloved brands. Aaaaltos! Salud!