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Drinks International’s Annual Brands  Report 2024: Altos is officially the #3 best-selling and #4 trending Tequila this year!

2024 Cocktail Events Calendar

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Day of the Dead: When Our Heart Is Broken by the Departure of a Loved One

Spirits of the Spirits: Unleashing the Magic of Mixology on the Day of the Dead

Exploring Mictlán: The Enigmatic Kingdom of the Day of the Dead

Happy National Taco Day: Celebrate with the Best Tacos from Around the World 

5 Cocktails Inspired by the Flavor of Tortilla

What Would a Taco Be Without the Tortilla?

Viva Mexico: Celebrating Independence Day Through Its Signature Dishes

A Tribute to the Great Dré Masso: Celebrating 30 Years Behind the Bar

Beckaly Franks: Winner of Altos Bartenders’ Bartender 2023

Devil’s Ginger, a Winning Cocktail!

Inside Green Apple Project: Winner of the Tahona Society Competition 2023

Green Apple: Zero Glass Waste Cartagena, Winner of the Tahona Society Competition 2023

Secrets, Curiosities and Tips and Tricks of the Tahona Society Competition 2023 Winners

Why We Waste and How to Stop

Reducing Waste Behind the Bar

Summer Drinks: Ice, Ice Baby!

A Healthy Diet That Supports Your Lifestyle

Interview with Christine Wiseman, Winner of Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award 2023 : “I work really hard to stay true to myself”

Paloma Day: A Matter of Taste

Celebrate World Cocktail Day with Zero Waste Cocktails 

 Cultural Symbols of Altos de Jalisco and Arandas: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

The Tahona Society Competition 2023: Making Social Impact in the Bartending Industry

Bartender Christine Wiseman – Winner of Altos Bartenders’ Bartender 2023

Flower Power: Garnish Your Spring Cocktails with Edible Flowers

A Story About Friends, Colleagues & Tequila Lovers

Women Making a Difference

Salsa: The True Soul of the Taco

Vintage Margaritas: An Excuse to Celebrate Margarita Day!

Give Some Love to the Planet While Upscaling Your Margarita in  Celebration of Margarita Day

World Bartender Day: Serving Up with Professionalism

Cocktail Calendar Events 2023

Human Sustainability

5 Steps to Connecting with Yourself

All about CACAO

How to deal with our minds during holidays

A reminder that not everyone will be spending the happy holidays in a happy way 

Happy New Year 2023: Best Champagne Cocktail Recipes

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Meet the Fam: Diana Figueroa & David Roque

Legendary Tequila Rock Stars Visit Casa Altos

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Orange Blossom: The Essence Behind the Day of the Dead  

Jean Trinh: Winner of the 2022 Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award, as part of The World’s 50 Best Bars

Ofrenda and Vigilia: Cocktails with Tequila for Day of the Dead

Here’s How to Live Day of the Dead in Mexico!

Meet our Fam: Ciao Davide Capodicasa!

Tacos, Tacos, Tacoland

National Lemon Juice Day is Here!

Meet our fam: Max Green 

Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico! Mexican Independence Day is Here!

A Quick Look at La Mata: Winner of the Tahona Society Competition 2021

Join The Tahona Society Competition in 5 steps

TEQUILA Industry Stats at a Glance

A Head-to-Head COMPETITION Never Seen Before!

All You Have to Know About REPO & AÑEJO

Altos Bartenders’ Bartender 2022: Masahiro Urushido

What is your Creativity Type?

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Paloma Cocktail Deserves its own Day!

The 3 Palomas

Where to Find Inspiration?

Why Americans Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

On Your Feet for Long Periods of Time?  

Welcome Spring With These Cinco de Mayo Cocktails 

A Henry Besant tribute in his anniversary of passing

Promising Young Woman: Gina Barbachano’s Tribute to Ada Coleman 

Let’s Raise a Toast to National Tequila Day with Don Javier’s Creation—the Batanga!

Lynette Marrero, Winner of the Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award and Her World Bartender Day Message

Love in the Time of Cocktails

Squeeze the Juice out of Those Limes, Julio! Celebrating National Margarita Day

Welfare Series Book No. 7: Curbing Waste

Every Problem Brings its Solution

Energy Matters

Together for a More Sustainable Lifestyle in 2022: E-book Curbing Waste Launch

Understand the Power of Positive Thinking and How It Boosts Your Physical and Mental Health

How to Be a Good Host: Personality Traits, Tips and Etiquette Rules

Meet Project La Mata: Winner of Second Annual ‘Tahona Society Collective Spirit’ Competition 2021

Easy, Fast and Gorgeous Ideas for Christmas Cocktail Garnishes

The Power of Gratitude: Our Reasons for Giving Thanks

Serving Others in your Day-to-Day: What It Really Means and a Wake-up Call

5 Tasty Foraging Recipes & Tips for this Season

Siesta (Nap): Learn How to Sleep During the Day

The Symbols behind the Day of the Dead Ofrenda

How is Agave Syrup Made: Everything You Need to Know About Its Production, Nutritional Info and Culinary Uses

Don’t Forget to Celebrate Traditions! How to Celebrate Día de Muertos at Home

10 Things you Didn’t Know About our Tahona Wheel

How to Produce a Sustainable Tequila While Leading the Way for Spirits

Easy, Delicious and Spicy: 5 Homemade Taco Sauce Recipes

Why Blue Weber Agave is a Really Exceptional Agave

Honey Bees do It! Types, Importance and Future of our Beloved Honey Producers

Social Entrepreneurs Bartenders and the Future of the Industry

Celebrate Day of the Dead With a Spread of Beloved Beverages

Speed Rack: Where Women Take the Bar Industry to the Next Level

Create your cocktails inspired in mexican flavors

Join National Taco Day with Mexican Street Tacos Pairing with Altos Tequila Cocktails

Design Thinking process: How to Build your Creativity Muscle

Complete Guide: Everything You Should Know About Día de Muertos in Mexico

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Mundo Alquímico: Sustainable from Start to Finish

8 Cocktail Bars You Can’t Miss in London

Meet the Henry Besant Scholarship winners 2021

Discover Veneno Paloma: National Paloma Day!

And the winner of The Collective Spirit Competition will be…

The latest from the The Collective Spirit Competition 2021

The Palomary: National Paloma Day!

Cooking “a la Mexicana” to Celebrate 5 de Mayo!

In Search of the 2021 Altos Paloma

A Legend 40 Years in the Making

Meet Logan Flatte: One of the Recipients of the Henry Besant Scholarship!

9 Cocktails Bars (& Mezcal Spots) in Oaxaca

Celebrating Don Javier, Creator of La Batanga

Welfare Series Book No. 6: Shake It Up

A Day to Celebrate Margaritas!

Raising a Glass On World Bartender Day

Welfare Series Book No. 4: Outdoor Activities

Welfare Series Book No. 2: Nutrition

Welfare Series Book No. 1: Yoga

The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020

Outdoor activities – Welfare series

Yes, they sell delivery cocktails, and so should you!

We Care Manifesto

The digital you

Henry Besant Scholarship winners

Altos supports the World’s 50 Best Bars Recovery Fund

And the Winner of Our Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award 2020 Is…

Innovation in Times of Coronavirus

Industry Altruism

Serve Yourself a Little Kindness


Spending Time Outdoors

Cheery Christmas!

Mezcal: did you know?

Joe Schofield, Always an Altos Winner

The Collective Spirit Competition 2020

La Vida Altos at Tales of The Cocktail 2019

Sustainable Native Journeys

When You Rise to the Challenge of Believing in Yourself

Tequila: Gluten Free? Organic? Kosher?

Altos: The Best Tequila for Margaritas

Crossover cocktails: Twist and Shout

Modern México: Goodbye to Clichés

Altos Reposado Flavor Wheel

Taste Like Winter

The sixth sense? No, the sixth flavor!

Henry, Forever a Tequila Man

The differences between Jalisco’s Terroir

The Tahona Society Competition: Beyond Cocktail Competitions

We Got A Spoon For You…

Message to everyone in The Tahona Familia

8 Punch-lines & Some amazing Accessories

Trash Tiki Manifesto

D.O. Agave Spirits: Proudly Mexican

Jeppe Nothlev: The Hug Drug

Herbal Essence Mexican Epazote

Interior Check-ins Three Times a Day

Altos Plata Flavor Wheel